BGMSAA Website and Tips


Click on website.
Click on MORE at the top.
Choose the BGMSAA Sports that are in session.

*On mobile phone- bring up website-click on 3 lines by Bartow Sports Zone- Click on BGMSAA Sports.

*If parents or coaches want to send pictures of games or include who took pic, who is in the pic., and something about it. Charles Wilson of website will monitor and approve all pictures and captions(he reserves editing rights.)

*On the Bartow Sports Zone website-there are ads that change continuously on the side . If anyone is interested the ads are 300.00 and they run for 1 year. If sold the check needs to be made to:
Bartow Sports Zone LLC. Please send or give check to coaches of your child.
The school will in turn get 150.00 back for the ad being sold after they receive check.
*In the future if enough ads get sold to pay for the live streaming-possibility of championship games being streamed live like the High schools in Bartow County. Future meeting about this will be discussed.

*The website is connected to facebook and twitter.
*The website will list all the BGMSAA standings and highlights. It is a very neat website and can let our Middle School kids shine.