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Georgia Milestones Assessment System

Frequently Asked Questions

End of Grade Measures Scores and Reports

How can I use the Individual Score Report to help my student?

Your student's score report provides information that describes how prepared they are to move on to the next grade level. You can schedule time to talk with your student's teacher about his/her strengths and areas of needed improvement as identified in the report. In areas where your student did not demonstrate proficiency, you can ask your student's teacher to suggest ways that you can support your student. You can also ask what can be done at home to build on your student's strengths in those areas where he/she demonstrated grade level proficiency or better.


Where can I find more detailed descriptions of the Achievement Levels?

For additional information about Achievement Levels, including brief descriptions of the knowledge and skills students at each level demonstrate, please visit Click on Georgia Milestones Assessment System and then on EOG Resources.


What is Domain Category and what does Domain Mastery mean?

Domain Categories consist of test items that measure concepts and skills that are similar to one another. Teachers can use student performance in these areas to help determine the level of instructional support or enrichment your student may need and target those skills and concepts during future instruction.


Will these scores be used to determine if my student can be promoted to the next grade level?

For the 2015-2016 administration of the Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessment, state law requires that students in grade 3 earn an At/Above Grade Level designation in reading to be promoted to fourth grade. In grades 5 and 8, state law requires that students earn an At/Above Grade Level designation in reading as well as score in the Developing Learning achievement level or above in mathematics to be promoted to the next grade. Students who do not reach the required designations above will have the opportunity to retest. Each district sets their local retest window during the months of May or June each year.